16ft LED Unlit Light Evening Fishing LED Strip UV Ultraviolet Fluorescent Boat bass Fishing 12v dc Priority Birth Pontoon Kayak John Boat Fluorescent line Glow

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Test Out Our High Itemizing https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R1RBV78?ref=myi_title_dp Exhibit: All orders are shipped within 1 industry day with 2-3 day precedence mail. So that that it’s also possible to impartial serene receive the merchandise within 3-4 industry days it isn’t vital what the estimated transport saysBright Evening Fishing For A Brighter Fishing Future! 16 FT Evening Fishing Unlit UV Light The Distinction!!! The distinction between our UV strips and opponents is our custom made UV strip is a one of a fashion on the market with its contemporary fashion. As Fisherman our selves we designed it to be the perfect UV Fishing Light on the market. Our UV strips are IP-68 Water resistant and silicone injected others are IP-65 and IP-67 Water resistant Ours Admire thick name trace 3M heavy accountability foam tape others beget skinny off trace tapes Our Sure waterproofing is UV proof towards prevent Yellowing over time others are no longer Our LEDS are very high high quality LEDS to extent the lifestyles of usage and prevent LEDs from burning out Our U.s.a.beget the tremendous UV wave lengths for most line Glow.. 5050 tri LED Is the brightest UV LED on the market and is over thrice brighter than 3528 Led Unlit Lights These incandescent UV strips will create your fluorescent fishing line Glow! Tremendous for night fishing! These are 12 volt and is also curved at as soon as to your battery, a swap, or your fuse box. Comes with a obvious and a negative wire on one pause of the strip. For a further $9 a 110v ac flow and converter can even also be added. 300 Led’s per 16′ Very low present procedure 0.38 amp per foot 0.24 watts per LED 234 Luminas per foot Unlit Light Ultraviolet Water resistant IP68 Unlit PCB (background) unless white is requested LED’s are rated for 50,000 hours Could perhaps presumably furthermore furthermore be carve every 3 LED’s (about 2″) Strip is approximately 3/8″ wide and 3/16″ thick These LED strips strategy with 3M Tape on the abet so it’s good to perhaps note to any ground. We counsel you spend an adhesive for extra security. US SELLER We would hang to survey shots of our LEDs place in for your boat! Custom Lengths readily available by request.16ft Prolonged
Factual UV

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