575 LB Fishing Magnet Situation Worthy Neodymium Magnet Fishing Magnets with 20 Meter (65ft) Rope 2 Carabiners a Towel and PreThread Locked for Deep Sea Salvage Admire Wanting

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  • ✅CAN’T LOSE YOUR MAGNET – Our magnets attain with a good pre thread locker that keeps it screwed on and eliminates the flexibility for the magnet to unscrew itself!
  • ✅PERFECT WEIGHT TO SINK STRAIGHT TO THE BOTTOM – Not like weaker magnets that might possibly possibly just now not sink to the bottom, our magnet has the most keen weight to sink straight to the bottom and latch on to any treasures below.
  • ✅ALL INCLUSIVE FIRST TIME FISHING MAGNET KIT – Neodymium Magnet Fishing Kit comes with all the pieces you are going to need for your first treasure magnet fishing outing. Involves a 575 lb pull magnet neodymium fishing magnet, pre-threaded locker, powerful fixed nylon rope thats 20 meters (65+ Feet!), with carabiner for posthaste attachment to the magnet, 1 hand towel to wipe down the magnet after exercise, and one thing to take care of the magnet.
  • ✅THE STRONGEST MAGNET YOU WILL OWN! – This nickel-coated single-sided magnet will agree with thru the strongest waves and entice treasures of the sea, lake, or physique of water and easily take care of 500 lbs of treasure.
  • ✅CREATE THE PERFECT MEMORY WITH A LOVED ONE – Insane amounts of fun throwing this out and taking a search to retrieve the most keen treasure with a loved one. Function an eternal bond with others whereas having a blast looking out treasure. Is on the market in a not seemingly box and inclues a neodymium magnet fishing kit

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