Aquos Heavy-Accountability 2019 Novel Thermobonding 0.9mm Thickness PVC 12.5ft Inflatable Pontoon Boat with Guard Bar and Folding Seat for Bass Fishing, Lure Fishing, Aluminum Ground Board

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Regular Tools:

– AQUOS PF380 FISHME Pontoon Boat * 1 situation
– AQUOS Folding Seat with Pedstal * 1 situation
– AQUOS Pontoon Boat Guard Bar * 1 situation


Exterior: 53″ x 24″ x 11″
Tube Diameter: 15″
Capability: Two adults or 970 kilos
Weight: 129 kilos
Chambers: Four neutral air chambers
Cloth: 0.9 mm PVC
Seam: Thermobonding seams
Ground: Four Aluminum plates
Engine Capability: 6 hp (79 kilos most weight)
“ONLY REPLACE NO REPAIR” is the guarantee for the FISHME Pontoon boat and FREE replacement parts within THREE YEARS, the certificates will reach with the pontoon boat in negate to succor you to register.
The AQUOS Novel PF380 FISHME Pontoon Bass Fishing Boat is easy-carry, gasoline-saver, extra stable and get dangle of, huge platform fishing boat for one or two anglers that pack with out divulge staunch into a automobile and no trailer predominant!
The 360-level swivel seat manufactured with a heavy accountability marine grade vinyl providing sturdiness in opposition to UV fading and mildew. It offers hundreds of help make stronger and salubrious cushions. Set up time takes lower than 30 minutes as a result of the PF380 FISHME Pontoon Boat could well additionally be situation up with out divulge and destroy down entirely, it be compact and conveyable so you are going to transport it on an airplane, on a elevated boat, in an RV or within the trunk of your automobile to anywhere you might perchance mosey.
Four particular person chambers (including two additional reinforced chambers) provide additional buoyancy and dangle lesser hazards of capsizing when catching huge fishes. Even when two anglers are standing on the identical aspect of the pontoon, it be gentle stable adequate for the anglers to solid.
With the solid stout size of aluminum floor boards (94” x 51”), a the truth is stable and get dangle of fishing residence for the anglers to face and solid in all directions. Made of 304 high grade stainless-steel and high composite plastic misguided, it be rust-resistant and solid adequate to withstand low cases.

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