Bassdash Comfy Swimbait Bass Saltwater Fishing Lures Bait Crank Lead Fish Hooks, Built-in Lead Weight 4in 5in, 6-Pack (Sunless Gold, 5in/13cm)

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The Bassdash Valid Pike is a fave snack of many predator fish. These lures are softbodied swimbait lures that maintain strike horny swimming motion. These lures are additionally geared up with succesful optimistic dim nickel carbon steel hooks. The tip hook line thru assemble design this bait may perhaps additionally be fished spherical heavy quilt and all the design in which by the full water column. Solid, jig or troll.

Product Specs: 
Trap kind: swimbait 
Depth: variable 
Action: sinking 

– 4in / 10.5cm in size
1/2oz / 14 grams in weight
Single hook size: #2/0 jig hook
Treble hook size: #6

– 5in / 13cm in size
7/8oz / 25 grams in weight
Single hook size: #4/0 jig hook
Treble hook size: #4

The Bassdash Valid Pike Swimbait entice functions a delicate plastic body with bolt tail that is assemble for a thumping tail motion
With a sturdy weighted lead-by constructing firmly becoming a member of line stumble on to each and every the treble hook and the only hook, the elevated hook-up ratio of Valid Pike will additionally translate proper into a elevated touchdown percentage
Weighted internally for supreme swimming motion – unhurried sinking, and in a neighborhood to be fished at many depths reckoning on how briskly you retrieve it
Other functions encompass holographic HD head and body, 3D eyes, and top rate dim nickel carbon steel hooks
Examined and confirmed to be lethal for many fish species like gargantuan bass and stripers, pike, muskie, walleye, and many others.

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