Booms Fishing WV1 Vertical 6-Rod Rack Fishing Pole Holder Wall Mount Modular for Garage – Best Rod Holders

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Booms Fishing Focal level on Fishing Tools and Terminal Take care of!
We philosophize on making fishing uncomplicated!

1. More straightforward and neater
Rods are now available without getting tousled.
Encourage your poles all together and off the ground . Ideal for minute spaces.

2. Level to it off to your visitors
It’s more handy than handsome ,nonetheless ought to it’s likely you’ll very smartly be no longer utilizing it for sleek, then I’d allege wander for it.

3. Encourage your rods up and out of harms advance in the garage
Procure a staunch build aside to retain your fishing rods! Never had the leisure tumble out or rating damaged .
Foam grip engage the rods securely without scratch. Sinful seat eliminates damage , engage rod straight,
end deform or weaken the blank .

4. Interlocking construct, can join an other rack facet-by-facet for more rods.

The slim grip kind opens 0.35″, edifying to lure rod and freshwater rod. The wide grip kind opens 0.75″,
edifying to saltwater rod and net. Invent for engage rods vertically indoor, may additionally NOT engage horizontally or work smartly on ceiling ,
boat ,truck. Looking on the size and allege of the reels to your rods, in some cases it’s likely you’ll no longer rating potentially the most capacity.

Specifications Dimensions
2 parts, every 16.4″×2.36″×1.37″ / 417 mm×60 mm×35 mm Foam grip opening width: 0.35″ / 0.9 mm Weight: 0.924lb / 419.2g
Coloration: gloomy or grey Self-discipline subject: ABS plastic, EVA foam Bundle included: 1x Foam grip phase, 1x Sinful seat, 6x screws,
6x plastic anchor Advice for set up This rack is made in 16″ wideth so that it goes to be mounted to traditional stud spacing.
Measure all of your rods so the eyelets will particular the upper mounting rack . You form want a leveler and a driller for most attention-grabbing outcomes.Mounted on the wall of garage and vertically engage your rods, organized and ready to wander
6 rods capcity with interlocking construct permits uncomplicated rack enlargement
Vast 0.75″ EVA foam grip match for saltwater rods and nets, and protect them from scratch
Sinful seat eliminates damage, end deform or weaken the blank
Easy to mount with the included hardware. 16” wide ,for uncomplicated stud installation

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