Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife and Bait Knives, German G4116 Stainless-Steel Blades with Teflon Coating, Non-Fling Handles, Conserving Nylon Sheath, Supreme for Current Or Saltwater.

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Calamus fishing fillet and bait knives are environment a current same outdated for high quality in the fishing world. The razor appealing, G4116 German stainless-metallic blades are covered with a durable, blue Teflon hold that appears current and natty while improving corrosion resistance. Every fillet knife and bait knife characteristic a gentle-weight and roam resistant golf-vogue rubber take care of that is cheerful and roam resistant each and each moist and dry. These cheerful handles have fish processing and bait preparation rapid and straightforward and are as a lot as 40% lighter than some comparative handles. Calamus bait and fillet knives encompass a gentle-weight and sturdy nylon sheath that protects the blades at some level of storage. The sheath is vented for improved air circulation and can allow and water to empty from the sheath which improves also corrosion resistance.G4116 German Stainless Blades – The razor appealing G4116 German Stainless-Steel fish fillet knife and bait knife blades hold an wonderful blue Teflon hold that is current and natty taking a survey. Additionally it’s a long way extra corrosion resistant and can preserve its edge longer to have the job of filleting and steaking fish sooner and extra environment expedient than ever sooner than.
Accessible in Four Completely different Lengths and Shapes – Calamus filleting knives and bait knives are on hand in five lengths and shapes, so that that you can well continually hold the obedient mounted knife for the job. Accessible in a stiff 5″ bait knife, a 7″ & 9″ worn/versatile fillet knife, and a sophisticated 9″ steaking/boning knife.
Non-Fling Golf Style Handles – Each and each knife has a cheerful and roam-resistant, golf vogue rubber take care of on your security and all-day comfort. These fish knife and bait knife handles in fact feel gargantuan on your hand and present grip on the knife in each and each moist and dry conditions. These handles are also as a lot as 40% lighter than some comparative handles making the job great more uncomplicated.
Involves Conserving Nylon Sheath – Each and each knife contains a gentle-weight and sturdy nylon sheath that protects the blade and keeps you favorable between jobs. The sheath is vented to permit for air circulation while allowing water to empty away which also improves corrosion resistance.
Supreme for Current or Saltwater – German G4116 Stainless-metallic blades discontinuance sharper longer and are obedient for each and each current and saltwater fishing applications. Additionally gargantuan as a hunting knife, kitchen knife or chef knife.

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