Diwa Spinning Fishing Reels for Saltwater Freshwater 3000 Spools Extremely Comfy Ultralight Worthy Trout Bass Carp Gear 13+1 Stainless Ball Bearings Metallic Body Ice Fishing Reels (3000)

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Deluxe spinning reel ,Worthy pressure gear

One methodology grab design 13+1 metal ball bearings

Finely adjustable spool trek

Longlife bail spring

Colossal anti-twist line roller

Aluminium long cast spool Aluminium Bracket design

Aluminium one touch address

Ergonomic rubber address knob

DWA 3000 | Weight   9.87oz/280g | Max Creep 55 LB/25KG| Gear Ratio 5.2:1 | Line Skill 0.21mm/200m, 0.25mm/140m, 0.30mm/90m 

DWA 4000 | Weight 10.58oz/300g | Max Creep 55 LB/25KG |Gear Ratio 5.2:1 | Line Skill 0.25mm/200m, 0.30mm/140m, 0.35mm/90m 

DWA 5000 | Weight 13.76oz/390g | Max Creep 66 LB/30KG |Gear Ratio 4.7:1 | Line Skill 0.30mm/200m, 0.35mm/160m, 0.40mm/120m 

DWA 6000 | Weight 14.46oz/410g | Max Creep 66 LB/30KG |Gear Ratio 4.7:1 | Line Skill 0.35mm/180m, 0.40mm/160m, 0.45mm/140m

DWA 7000 | Weight 15.17oz/430g | Max Creep 66 LB/30KG |Gear Ratio 4.7:1 | Line Skill 0.35mm/270m, 0.40mm/210m, 0.50mm/130m

Weight 9.87oz/280g | Max Creep 55 LB/25KG |Gear Ratio 5.0:1 | Line Skill (LB/Yds) 6/220, 8/160, 10/100 | Line Skill 0.18mm/240m, 0.20mm/200m, 0.25mm/140m
Aluminum alloy physique, spool and address provide distinctive sturdiness, and the aluminum alloy bracket will not rupture. Durable, High-differ spinning reel worthwhile for conquering gargantuan freshwater and saltwater game fish.
Tall choices, Interchangeable appropriate or left address computerized numerical regulate machined aluminum address, salubrious line lay oscillation design. Extremely-thin streamline physique originate. Lawful for a unfold of waters, equivalent to ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean seaside fishing, lake, river, reservoir pond, hotfoot etc. Good thanksgiving birthday christmas reward for fisherman.
Comfy, Fluid cranking with 14 sealed stainless metal ball bearings and rapid anti-reverse bearing, Creep design presents grand trek without sacrificing smoothness. It’s gentle weight and completely balanced, thus much less fatigue.
Free 1 year guarantee, We are proud to present you the problem-free 1 year guarantee. If any anxiousness about the reel , Please contact us at the muse and our buyer provider will clear up It for you soon.

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