DU-BRO Fishing Trac-A-Rod Plus Storage Machine – Best Rod Holders

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The trac-a-rod plus is a gargantuan manner to store and transport your fishing rods and reels. This map is gargantuan for customizing to suit your utility. The couplers and quit caps connect the Trac pieces and the holes are spaced 16″ on heart to indicate you are going to be in a location to screw without lengthen into wall studs for a obtain withhold. The trac-a-rod plus furthermore works gargantuan on lift up truck cappers, vehicles, boats, and most any build you wish to store your rods and reels. That you would be in a position to construct the trac-a-rod plus to mount vertically, horizontally or even on the ceiling. The ceiling works gargantuan above your boat so you are going to be in a location to capture the rods you desire for the day and load them objective into the boat. Positive reward merchandise. Holds 8 rods with the reels on. Additional couplers will more than seemingly be found in individually to enable for further Trac to be added for future enlargement. Overall length is 33.125″.Retailer rods with reels on
Works horizontally or vertically
Positive in garage, basement, ceiling, boat, truck, camper and more
Holds 8 rods/reels

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