eMinnow FatBobba, 3.88″ Auto Variable Sequenced Swim Action, Live Bait Alternative, Refined Rhythmic Clicking Harmonic and Vibration, Battery Powered, Blue Chrome

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eMinnow – The Motorized Shipshape Entice

FatBobba, is the main fully realistic motorised self-swimming fishing lure that appears to be and behaves moral love an proper bait fish. This mannequin is designed to use below a Rush with the float/Bobber or jigging from a ship or dock.
The finest replace for dwell bait, lasts longer and has confirmed to be extra wonderful. Most interesting for ice fishing too, throughout its making an are attempting out and pattern FatBobba has outperformed all other lures on the ice for the past 3 years!
The inner circuit board is preprogrammed to mimic genuine bait fish swimming movements and patterns, and that comprises pauses, rushing up, slowing down and cruising action.
The eMinnow FatBobba is completely balanced and attracts predator fish now not handiest by its realistic swimming action but by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the consistently transferring motor.

Sport fish simply can now not withstand an eMinnow.
Beautifully crafted with the usual and instruct that you just would possibly ask from an eMinnow lure, it is miles designed in each technique to give any fishermen the finest opportunity to take fish.
Length 3.88″
Weight 1.61 oz
Max swim depth 15toes

Takes 2 x LR44 watch batteries (incorporated)Variable sequenced swim action arouses pure curiosity and hunting instincts of game fish
Refined rhythmic clicking sound and vibration from the motor attracts fish to its enviornment from far-off. Sound travels 5 instances faster by the water
Starts swimming when it hits the water, stops when it is miles out, saves battery life. Mimics the roam of a swimming fish
In the future of the retrieve quit, eMinnow with slowly swim to the surface, then splash spherical on high to instigate a number of the toughest strikes
Exciting Mustad hooks, outlasts dwell minnows, would possibly per chance per chance also be mature in restricted areas and is less pricey and more straightforward to use in a days fishing

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