eMinnow World’s Most Evolved Bass Trap BassKisser – Patented auto Sequence Swimming Action mimics Are living Bait, Constructed in Unprecedented Vibration & Harmonic Resonator – 4.16″ Natural Pearl

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eMinnow BassKisser – The Patented Dapper Popper

The eMinnow BassKisser is an aggressively styled popper that truly swims on the bottom of the water without the need continually consume your entice provocative.
Simply cast out to the distance you’ll need, and let the eMinnow BassKisser attain the give you the results you want. Whether you are amongst the lily pads or sure water, this edifying self-swimming motorized Popper will entice predator fish from all round.
The aerodynamic shape and absolute best steadiness, mixed with a customised-made interior circuit board that has a proven, preprogrammed swimming dash and sample that entails pauses, speeding up, slowing down and cruising dash is devastatingly nice, and may possibly well per chance merely consume you in fishing dash all day long.
The eMinnow BassKisser Popper attracts predator fish no longer only by its real looking swimming dash and ground splashing, but by the vibration and harmonic frequency of the continually provocative motor.

Sport fish merely can no longer face up to an eMinnow. Beautifully crafted with the quality and aspect you may possibly well per chance query from an eMinnow entice, it is designed in each and each methodology to present any fishermen the absolute best replace to care for fish.

Length 4.16″
Weight 1.53 oz
Ground popper

Takes 2 x LR44 detect batteriesPatented variable sequenced swim dash arouses natural curiosity and making an strive instincts of sport fish
Subtle rhythmic clicking sound and vibration from the motor attracts fish to its location from a ways away. Sound travels 5 cases faster thru the water
Starts swimming when it hits the water, stops when it is out, saves battery existence
Topwater swim dash/splashing arouses natural curiosity and making an strive instincts of sport fish
Fascinating Mustad hooks, outlasts dwell minnows, will likely be frail in restricted areas and is more affordable and much less difficult to make use of in a days fishing

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