Fiblink 2-Half Surf Spinning Fishing Rod Carbon Fiber High-tail Fishing Rod(9-Feet & 11-Feet & 13- Feet) (11-Feet)

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9′ Rod
Half: 2
Dimension of every fragment: 4.5′
Score weight: 13.83oz
Power: Medium
Movement: Life like Rapid
Guides: 4+1
Line weight: 12-20lb
Entice weight: 3/4-3oz
Rod Field matter: Carbon

11′ Rod
Half: 2
Dimension of every fragment: 5.5′
Score weight: 15.85oz
Power: Medium Heavy
Movement: Rapid
Guides: 5+1
Line weight: 15-30lb
Entice weight: 2-6oz
Rod Field matter: Carbon

13′ Rod
Half: 2
Dimension of every fragment: 6.5′
Score weight: 17.85oz
Power: Heavy
Movement: Rapid
Guides: 6+1
Line weight: 20-40lb
Entice weight: 4-8oz
Rod Field matter: Carbon

The Kit Involves:
1*Fishing Rod
1*Rod Protection Secure

***One three hundred and sixty five days Guarantee***Sensitive and Solid Carbon Fiber Building – Carbon construction for improved efficiency-circulation and elevated sensitivity. The rod delivers the out of the ordinary toughness of win carbon fiber construction and exactly tuned circulation for boat fishing.
High-Positive Guides – Stainless-steel mixed with ceramic e-book makes it more gentle, aviods line stucking in the guides, decrease friction for gentle, long casts, whereas additionally enhancing sensitivity by transferring vibrations from the toll road by the e-book to the rod and to your hand. The guides are exactly aligned, alongside the underside of the backbone of the smooth which is perfectly straight and merely.
Non Scurry Rubber Shrink Tube Handle – Non breeze rubber shrink tube address with tapered rear grip Tip over butt ferrule connection for most energy and sturdiness Machined tapered hood transitions above and below.
Indecent Publicity Reel Seat and Cork Grip – Wheel seat with stainless-steel tapered hood transitions above and below reel seat holding cap. With marvelous quality cork grip, for jubilant and faded peep and feel.
Favorable Construct – True files calculation and the acceptable aggregate of efficiency items a tag-efficient pole.

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