Fishing Worm Hooks Broad Gap Bass Hooks 120pcs 3X Actual Offset Fishing Hooks Draw, Excessive Carbon Steel Fishhooks Jig Hooks for Bass Trout Saltwater Freshwater, Size 1#-5/0

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1#- Size: 1.1″ | Width: 0.7″ | Wire Diameter: 0.05″ | Take a look at 22LB
1/0- Size: 1.8″ | Width: 0.8″ | Wire Diameter: 0.05″ | Take a look at 25LB
2/0- Size: 1.9″ | Width: 0.9″ | Wire Diameter: 0.06″ | Take a look at 45LB
3/0- Size: 2.0″ | Width: 1.0″ | Wire Diameter: 0.07″ | Take a look at 65LB
4/0- Size: 2.2″ | Width: 1.0″ | Wire Diameter: 0.07″ | Take a look at 75LB
5/0- Size: 2.4″ | Width: 1.1″ | Wire Diameter: 0.08″ | Take a look at 85LB


Worm bait hook is product of high carbon steel with sad nickel plated
Extra Broad Gap Gives More Fixed Hookups. Gargantuan for Chunking, Jigging, Trolling, or Casting
Chemically Sharpened Razor Appealing Point Sure-Crimp Hook Mediate
Closed gape hooks support enter more without concerns, enhance diameter for improved energy


1# 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0,20pcs per measurement, entire 120pcs in a reusable plastic box


Very intelligent hooks, aid away from kids.
Please watch out must you rig hook with worm and other plastic rubber softbait.

Worm Bait Hooks are product of Excessive carbon steel with sad chrome kind, trusted for prime energy, reliability and sturdiness.
Broad hole hooks offers more consistent hookups, larger rigging with worms and other plastic rubber restful baits. Gargantuan for chunking, jigging, trolling, or casting.
Offset point and bait keeper barb aid your entice/bait from sliding down the worm hook, designed to lock fish retreat and forestall fish from escaping.
Worm fishhook rigging with quite just a few restful plastic baits and rig with rubber worms in saltwater and freshwater.
Package deal Included : 1#,1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 20pcs per measurement,entire 120pcs in a reusable plastic box

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