Flee Creek Creations 3 in 1 All Climate 6 Fishing Rod/Pole Storage Wall/Ceiling Rack – Modern Expansion Capabiltiy – Best Rod Holders

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Get no longer deem rod storage is terribly exciting? Well, the unusual Flee Creek Creations 3 in 1 All-Climate 6 Fishing Rod Wall/Ceiling Rack with Expansion Capabilities is a entire game changer (rods no longer incorporated). The graceful blow molded sliding note originate is multi-purposeful and weatherproof. First, that you just must per chance doubtless also retailer your rods on the wall in a vertical plan. In hiss so that you just can alter the rack to suit your needs, engage away the deep cavernous rod take care of caps to mount rods in a horizontal plan. The revolutionary “J” hooks are specially designed with a versatile tab to be obvious your rods remain securely in build. The cease and backside tracks like removable cease caps so assorted 3 in 1 All-Climate Rod Racks would be added to expand rod storage capacity from 6 to 12 or even 18. For these who capture to retailer your rods alternating pointers and handles for optimum capacity, engage away the cease caps then walk out the J clips and the rod take care of holders then reset them tip to take care of. The size of this revolutionary rod storage rack is no longer overly cumbersome measuring 18.3″ L x 3.2″ WUNIQUE FISHING ROD STORAGE: Holds as a lot as 6 rod and reel combos where that you just must per chance doubtless also adjust the spacing of the rack to suit your rod size (rods no longer incorporated)
SPACE AND CONVENIENCE: Just up your rod and reel combos on wall or ceiling with the climate proof cloth – ideally superb for dwelling or storage storage
INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Removable cease caps enables for added 3 in1 All Climate Rod Racks to be added for 6, 12, or 18 rod storage capacity and “J” Clips holds rods securely
The rod take care of caps are removable and unusual sliding note enables you to alternate reel and rod tip storage with J Clips
EASY ASSEMBLY: Stress Free assembly, to exhaust more time fishing

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