Grub Fishing Lures, 100-Pack 10 Colors Gentle Plastic Bait, 2.8 inches Saltwater Freshwater Instruments

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Gentle and Versatile
Colossal tail grub lures are fabricated from soppy plastic material, which is tender in contact, tenacity under pull and versatile in water. Environmental agreeable material with gentle odor.

 Realizing Carry out
Simplest the colour incandescent has evening cease, no longer all colors. If that you can take into consideration, please represent the incandescent colour to sunlight hours, this can also simply set apart it brighter.

 Sufficient Amount
There are 100 Pieces grub lures in the kit, with lawful preservation, it goes to be aged for an awfully lengthy time.

 Preservation Draw
If no longer aged, please place the grub lures in a sealed instruct.

Specification: 7cm / 2.75in

 What’s in the accept
100 Colossal Tail Grub LuresFlexible Tail Grub: 2.75in grub entice system in a big versatile tail that appears to be like real looking when going by the water by generating wild swirls and bubbles to expend the eye of fishes.
Colossal Ribbed Physique: Gentle and versatile with tender plastic material, spherical and subtle sections on physique admire exact maggots has stronger temptation to fishes.
Laser Sequins Interior: The general versatile tail entice is covered with laser sequins that’s considered in water and glossy under the sunshine, that could presumably also simply judge light from all instructions for better triggering more strikes.
Saltwater/ Freshwater Trap: Grub lures are very honest exact for saltwater and freshwater fishing, expertise in catching crappie, trout, redfish, bass, carp, catfish, salmon, walleye, and plenty others.
What You Catch: 100 PCS big tail grub lures in 10 colors (green, purple, white, red, yellow, incandescent, silver, gold, bronze and orange) mixed collectively.

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