Harmony Fishing – Razor Sequence Weighted Swimbait Hooks (5 Pack) (1/8 oz (#3/0))

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Harmony Fishing’s Razor Sequence Swimbait Hooks characteristic screw-lock spring bait keepers and chemically sharpened hook facets to mix for the final swimbait hook. Whether you is liable to be fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth, pike, or various gamefish, these swimbait hooks will point to to be a staple lure for your take care of field.

Now that comprises Bait Pegs incorporated along with your swimbait hooks. Bait Pegs will be set in to your hook in a single second and retains your soft plastic bait pegged in discipline on the hook, combating your bait from sliding down the hook, often wanting adjustment. Bait Pegs enable your soft plastics to final by twice as many bites, because the bait no longer tears in advance from fixed adjustment.

Equipment comprises 5 (5) weighted swimbait hooks and 5 (5) Bait PegsScrew-Lock bait keeper secures soft plastics and swimbaits/paddletails in discipline.
Equipment comprises 5 (5) weighted swimbait hooks and 5 (5) Bait Pegs. Bait Pegs support your bait securely pegged to your hook, combating you from desirous to often adjust plastics that support sliding down the hook, resulting for your soft plastics lasting over 2x longer before wanting replace.
Chemically sharpened Razor Sequence hook point and extra-no longer easy tempered hook shank combine for the final swimbait hook.
Safe for Soft Plastic Swim Baits indulge in Zoom Extensive Flukes, Yamamoto, Strike King, Yum, Z-Man, and plenty of others.
Manufactured and warrantied by Harmony Fishing Firm.

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