Inexperienced Underwater Fishing Gentle Dock 16742 Lumen 110 Volt AC with 3 Prong Crawl, LED Fish Attractor Diagram with 30ft Energy Wire, Bait rig, Fish attractant, Ponds, Fishing Lure (Inexperienced)

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Handcrafted in Texas, our Inexperienced Blob Underwater fishing lights consist of a Self Weighting map: Unbiased plunge our green underwater fishing lights into you accepted fishing gap and secure ready for some motion. Optimistic for use on any boat or fishing dock. Unbiased bound your green led fish light into a overall vitality outlet and beginning catching bait and game fish. The Inexperienced Blob Family of Fishing Lights are the most versatile underwater fishing lights within the marketplace. Designed for 24-7 underwater use for boat docks and fishing boats but these green underwater lights can moreover be faded out of water as successfully with absolutely no worries of your Inexperienced Blob overheating. Substantial bait rig, and attractant. Optimistic for your outside water backyard and pond as successfully. Substantial fish attractor for snook, tarpon, catfish, flounder, little, crappie, bass, shad and more.The Inexperienced Blob 16742 lumen underwater LED fishing light offers a whopping 16742 lumens output with a 360 degree viewing angle. The Inexperienced Blob Fishing Gentle has a extremely recurring Self weighted Diagram so no pesky weights are required to deep plunge your light. lumen
The Inexperienced Blob Merely plugs into any no longer unique household outlet. Installs in seconds. Our Inexperienced Fish Finder incorporates a 110 volt adapter with 30 feet vitality lead. The Inexperienced Blob fishing light makes a splendid bait, fish finder, moreover supreme for outside ponds too. Our lights will plot within the shad, minnows, and other bait fish and quickly followed quickly by hungry predators similar to bass, stripers, crappie, trout, redfish, flounder, and Snook.
Your Inexperienced dock underwater fishing dock light is designed for every unusual and saltwater 24 7 continuous use.
Sturdiness: The Inexperienced Blob LED’s are rated at 50,000 hours of fixed use in difference to the dilapidated vitality ingesting overheating halogen lights.
Energy Efficient: The Inexperienced Blob household of underwater fishing lights use exiguous or no electricity and is no longer going to overheat.

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