Kraken Bass Fishing Hook Sharpener – Diamond Stone & Groved for Fishing Hooks and Knives

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The Kraken Bass Fishing Hook Sharpener is fabricated from Diamond 600 Grit Stone. Supreme for Sharpening Hooks with three separate facets groved in the diamond stone for simple hook placement. It also has a clip for resting to your shirt pocket or kind out fetch. This hook sharpener will work for all kinds of fishing hooks, and even fishing knives to support you attend your hooks inspiring, and your knives cutting clear. This sharpener also has a long than moderate sharpening surface, and can capture again correct into a not easy casing to prevent damage to your diamond hook file. There are three flat surfaces including groves for hooks, flat facets for knives, and a spherical file portion to shine off that hook to a further inspiring level. This hook sharpener has one among the noble diamond grit counts to glean your hook extra inspiring to land more fish. This fishing hook and knife sharpener also has a 3.5 high-tail longer diamond stone. The perimeters of the stone are .5 inches noble for prolonged strokes to sharpen hooks, and simple hook placement on the three facets of the stone.Diamond 600 Grit Stone – The excessive grit depend of diamond on this sharpener offers extra inspiring fishing Hooks and Knives.
Retractable Sharpening Flooring – Protects diamond stone sharpening web site for durability to sharpen hooks and knives for a if truth be told prolonged time.
Fishing Hook Sharpening Groves – Straight forward hook placement to sharpen each and each type of fishing hooks including treble hooks, worm hooks, crankbaits, jigs, and other fishing lures.
Three Facets for Fishing Hooks and Knives – The triangular formed sharpening stone permits for simple switching to sharpen all angles of the fishing hook and knife you will want.
Pocket Size Clip – Tiny dimension with out danger suits in kind out bags, fishing shirt pockets, and poke back and forth superior.

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