Monetary institution Fishing Pole Holder Ground Beef up Stand (Put of 2) (Orange)

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Indispensable aspects of the rod holder:
The rod holder is peaceful of three separate pieces which would be screwed collectively in a single sturdy unit–
1. The orange tubular pole holder is 1.5” in diameter – ample to accomodate most poles, and is 4.5” lengthy.
2. The tri-flange spike is 5.5” lengthy, to plant deep within the ground.
3. A circular metal, intermediate threaded connector, 1” x 1.5”, permits the changing of the holder from ‘stable’ model (as packaged) to purposeful configuration.

The facets of our products:
1. The keen bottom fragment can screw into either aspect of the center fragment. Which methodology that once your now not the use of these holders that it is seemingly you’ll unscrew them and gash the scale drastically for storage.
2. Spikes are very keen and work with any time of selection of mud, clay, sand, and so forth.
3. These could well perchance unbiased serene work no matter the selection of rod it is seemingly you’ll well be the use of.

Attain it is seemingly you’ll well perchance fill a substandard addiction of knocking your fishing rod over when atmosphere it for your form out field?
Here is the Respond– The Croch Aluminum Fishing Rod Pole Holder!
You unbiased correct desire to screw within the spike, push the spike in to the ground and also you’re all scheme. Every thing is stable and also that it is seemingly you’ll proceed to revel in a cup of coffee while looking out ahead to a strike. When a fish hits the bait, shaking and bending the rod however by no methodology extracting the pole or dislodging the holder.
Here’s a must fill for any and every shore fisherman!

Seek for: There shall be a little of shade distinction in a range of describe.
Prism Constructing, More Stable. The prism building(approx. 5.5″ lengthy) is terribly straightforward to ride into the soil trusty which is now not ride.
Unusual Match. Incorporates spinning, casting and spincast rod handles(The orange tubular pole holder is 1.5″ in diameter).
Gentle-weight and Never Going to Rest. It’s made of solid rust-proof aluminum and is precisely tooled.
Transportable. Or now not it is compact ample to suit for your form out rep or field with none ease.
Handiest Reward. Here’s a must fill for any and every shore fisherman.

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