Mutuactor Fishing Magnet Double Sides Blended 1240lb Magnetic Pull Power, Heavy Responsibility Neodymium Magnet N52 with 49 Feet(15m) Sturdy Rope, Highly efficient Strong Magnetic of Retrieving Admire in Rivers

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Made up of N52 neodymium magnet embedded a steel shell, it concentrates the magnetic self-discipline on the backside and high of magnet which develop the magnetic power by 2.5-4 cases when in contrast with the naked magnet.
The steel cup will discontinuance the magnet from crackings and chippings.

Designed for heavy duty and underwater use, it must enhance lost equipment, instruments, gentle ferrous objects in deep water, wells, holes, also trustworthy for lifting, striking applications.


1. Fabric: Neodymium Magnet N52

2. Size: D2.91″*2.67″(Total height, magnet ugly thickness 1.1” )

3. Vertical Pull-power: 620lb Horizontal Pull-power: 150LBS for either facet(Two Aspect Attracting Surfaces) On Defective of 1.18″ thickness Steel Plate

4. Max Working Temperature: 80℃

5. Kit Integrated: One fishing magnet+ one M10 glimpse-bolt+49 feet(15m)Rope.

1.The 620lb is the vertical magnetic pull-power which makes the magnet pull away from the 1.18″thickness steel plate of a tensile tester below true situation. It does not imply the actual weight which the fishing magnet can include
The recount pull power will vary mainly reckoning on the next variables:

A: Steel thickness (The thicker the steel is, the stronger the pull power)

B: Attracting self-discipline (The farther beyond the center of gravity of the attracted object, the lower the pull power).

C: Pulling direction (The smaller the perspective taking 90° as a protracted-established, the stronger the pull power), the Pull power in horizontal direction is most efficient about one third of that in vertical direction)

【Heavy duty potential of magnet for fishing】 620lb vertical magnetic pull-power(double aspects blended 1240lb) on ugly of 1.18” thickness of steel plate due to N52 grade neodymium magnet.
【Excessive energy fishing magnet rope integrated】Diameter 0.29fade(7.5mm)* Length 49feet(15m) high energy and sturdy rope integrated .You correct accumulate it to head magnet fishing with none different element regarded as.
【Double attracting aspects of broad stable magnet】 Screwing the eyebolt in facet gap , the magnetic attracting floor will be develop by 2 cases and trustworthy for trawling the backside of the river, lake for iron steel or treasures;
【Accurate Corrosion-resistance Magnet for Fishing】Ni+Cu+Ni Tripler Layer correct corrosion-resistance coating, veteran both in fresh water and in marine. Steel shell can steer clear of the naked magnet from scratching and chipping. The Lack of magnetic properties is now not more than 2% interior 10 years
【100% garantee of magnet fishing】If salvage lost in water no matter practical or now not ,and now not overjoyed in your application .The plump refund will be equipped. Please correct contact us by amazon electronic mail . We will have the option to reply you interior 24hours and offer you a most efficient solution.

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