ods lure Robotic Auto-Swimming Lures Fishing Electrical Trap Bait Wobblers 4-Segement Swimbait USB Rechargeable Intelli Self-propelling Lures (Hybrid Striped foil)

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1,  4-section Robotic Swimming fishing lure.

2, 2 precise and engaging blood treble hooks 4#

3, Life like 3D eyes.

4, High resolution body part.

5, Length: Approx. 5.12 in.

6, Weight: Approx. 35g

It is a propeller-driven and auto-swimming lure that prompts and initiate up working after being submerged in water for a few seconds. The LED light turns inexperienced whereas the propellor motor is enchanting. The dimension of the line between the floater and the bait is correct the approximate depth of the bait swimming, which can be adjusted according to the depth of the water. Also it can be programmed as you admire.   Deactivate the lure by doing away with it from the water.

The motor is managed with the programmed single-chip board to let the bait auto-swimming freely in the water, each and each action of the baits is to simulate the mammoth high baiting formulation of the anglers, so with it, that you might perhaps perhaps well well presumably in an instant turn into a fishing professional and clear-slash fishing.
Propeller-driven & Auto-swimming admire a proper fish with the programmed electric board, extremely efficient motor, battery and propellor together
Robotic Swimming Trap is aged with floats and entrance wires to select Atuo-Swimming Trap swimming in the water, solving the distress that Trap is neatly entangled by underwater particles. Use varied lengths of entrance wires at varied water depths to select the water of Atuo-Swimming Trap in your pick an eye on.
After charging for 2~3 hours, Robotic Swimming Trap can work intelligently for 0.5~1 hours. It makes use of a USB charging interface, which might perhaps perhaps be very handy for charging and can resolve the distress of long charging time. Anticreep’s proprietary technology protects the charging unit and battery from salt water exposure and corrosion.
Packing List:1x Robotic Swimming Lures ,1x USB Cable,1x Float,2x Spare propeller,4x Leader Line,1x Instructions, 1x field.

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