Pack of 15 Arched Keen Fish Finder Glow Fishing Cope with Night time Alarm Twin Bells Ring Fishing Chunk Alarm Indicator Clip On Fishing Rod Tip – Best Fishing Rod Holders

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Product Title: Arched Keen Fish Finder

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*RG will buy pudgy accountability for any quality issues within 30 days.🔵Quantity: 15pcs arched intellectual fishing rod alarms
🔵Arena topic: twin metal bells to make louder sound, fabricated from lightweight plastic and durable. Dimension:5*3cm. Chunk alarms with 2 bells
🔵Keen: Soak up the open air actual light to rather glow at darkish, no any energy provide required
🔵Easy To Exhaust: correct clip the fishing apprehension to your fishing rod tip, and this will ring when fish strike
🔵Favorite: correct for rather lots of sorts of fishing rod tip casing diameter of two.2mm, toddle up and the general fashion down to alter the tightness

Price: $9.99

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