PLUSINNO Fishing Receive Fish Touchdown Receive, Foldable Collapsible Telescopic Pole Take care of, Durable Nylon Field cloth Mesh, Trusty Fish Catching or Releasing (12″/31cm Hoop Dimension (Fixed Pole))

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Easiest reward for father, son, boyfriend, fishermen, fisherwomen.

Decide on Info

Model: 20″/52 cm Hoop Dimension (3 Fragment Telescopic Pole)

Prolong Length: 59″
Collapsed Length: 21.6″
Hoop Dimension: 20″>
Receive Depth: 21″
Weight: 19.6oz

Model: 17″/43cm Hoop Dimension (Telescopic Pole)

Prolong Length: 47″
Collapsed Length: 25.6″
Hoop Dimension: 17″
Receive Depth: 15″
Weight: 14.9 oz

Model: 16″/40cm Hoop Dimension (2 Fragment Telescopic Pole)

Prolong Length: 38″
Collapsed Length: 23.5″
Hoop Dimension: 16″
Receive Depth: 11″
Weight: 14 oz

Model: 12″/31cm Hoop Dimension (Fixed Pole)

Length: 27.5″
Hoop Dimension: 12″
Receive Depth: 7.5″
Weight: 10.5 oz

Steps for Give design

1.Push the button design back.
2.Bend the hoops on all facets.
3.Fold the pole and the web.
4.Originate some adjustment.


Easy Fastening

Durable Nylon Mesh

Foldable and Convenient Storage

Special Belt Clip for Easy Carry

Prevent Fishhooks from Getting Snagged

Water-Proof and Non-Absorbent Coating

Skid-Resistant and Delighted Handhold

The rep is excellently fishing constructive for succesful remove or launch but never does damage to fish scales.
🎣 Warm Instructed: Four items are offered, please snatch the accurate dimension model you wish within the “settle” part. A. 12″/31 cm Hoop Dimension fastened non-telescopic pole; B. 16″/40 cm Hoop Dimension 2 part telescopic pole C. 17″/43 cm 3 part Hoop Dimension telescopic pole, D. 20″/52 cm Hoop Dimension 3 part telescopic pole.
🎣 Top rate Field cloth: Excessive-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass pole, durable nylon and solid hexagonal building mesh, skid-resistant EVA handhold makes the fishing rep fetch and durable.
🎣 Waterproof Nylon Mesh: Non-absorbent coating prevents the web from waterlogging or odor absorption.
🎣 Foldable Fishing Nets and Ultralight Weight: Easy to raise and storage. The special designed belt clip has the constructive thing about comfort in carrying and transportation.
🎣 Or now not it’s miles the superior reward to ship father, son, husband, fiancé, boyfriend. Very most inspiring Setup for Fish Catching and Releasing: Knotless nylon mesh prevents fishhooks from getting tangled. The rep is excellently fish constructive which is ready to now not be lifeless to fish scales, accurate for sea fishing, river fishing, lake fishing, boat fishing etc.

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