ROBOCUP, HOT Pink, 12 Colours, Easiest Cup Holder for Drinks, Fishing Rod/Pole, Boat, Beach Chair/Golf Cart/Wheelchair/Walker/Drum Sticks/Microphone Stand – Best Rod Holders

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RoboCup is a patented portable holder that securely holds two drinks, fishing poles, tools, gear, drum sticks, phone, keys, glasses and further. Finest for fishing, boating, golf, UTV, beach umbrella, movie/TV manufacturing, photography, musicians, drummers, mic stand, guitar stand, mobility reduction, crutches, wheelchair, walker, knee scooter and further.

*NO TOOLS REQUIRED: RoboCup clamps suddenly to vertical surfaces each spherical and flat as much as 2″ in measurement.
*HOW TO USE: To begin (1) help the RoboCup with the jaws dealing with away from you and (2) utilizing each fingers squeeze the cups inwards utilizing your chest muscle mass and (3) clamp onto a floor utilizing each jaws equally. For maximum safety is also locked utilizing a 4″ plastic cable-tie. The bottom caps are detachable for access to natty the RoboCup and for lengthy objects including two fishing poles. The integrated 2 velcro straps is also figured in diversified configurations to your needs.
*STAINLESS STEEL SPRINGS & HARDWARE: The springs and hardware are stainless-steel for rust prevention and with a sturdy establish, the poly resin discipline matter has UV-inhibitors added for longevity against the sun.
*UPDATED DESIGN IN MID-2017: Ribs were added to the poly frame as reinforcement to the clamping jaws making them twice as durable. The 2 bottom finish caps beget improved threading that stop on shut.
*ROBOCUP PLUS ACCESSORY: Coming soon is the Plus accessory which is in a attach of dwelling to support increased drinks as much as a 4″ measurement and works with the distinctive RoboCup. We listened to our valid clients and establish our establish crew to work.
*EZ-SPRING VERSION: Accessible now in two colors is the EZ-Spring model which is some distance more uncomplicated to begin but does the job for many applications.
*3 YEAR WARRANTY: RoboCup stands in the help of our product and honors a no hassle 3 yr warranty. For reduction, please electronic mail us anytime.

RoboCup, HOT PINK, UPDATED VERSION, Patented Portable Caddy, Clamp on Clip On Holder for Two Drinks, Cups, Bottles, Liquids, Rods, Poles, Equipment, Drum Sticks, Instruments, Phone, Keys, Glasses, GPS, Flashlight and further. With no tools required, it clamps suddenly to each spherical and flat surfaces as much as 2″ maximum.
UPDATED VERSION with rib reinforcements added to the dual clamping jaws doubling the sturdiness. The bottom finish caps beget improved threading to prevent on shut.
The noteworthy two rubberized jaws are broad and leveraged apart for an spectacular clamping impartial. The dual jaws operate utilizing actual stainless-steel springs and hardware for rust prevention. RoboCup has no animated corners and is decrease than 1 lb. to carry. Molded with a sturdy utilitarian establish, or not it is constructed of a poly resin discipline matter that has UV-inhibitors added for longevity against the substances.
To begin, first help the RoboCup as much as your chest with the jaws dealing with away from you, then utilizing each fingers squeeze the head cups inwards utilizing your greater body and lastly clamp onto a floor utilizing each jaws equally. The 2 bottom caps unscrew for access to natty it and for lengthy objects including two fishing poles. The 2 integrated hook & loop straps is also configured in diversified configurations to support your gear or to diminish the internal diameter for smaller sized drinks.
If wished, the jaws is also locked by utilizing a 4″ plastic cable-tie in the puny openings in the jaws. The spring-loaded jaws are very noteworthy requiring staunch exhaust and caution. Lift out not establish hot liquids in the RoboCup. Backed by a 3 yr restricted warranty. For reduction anytime, please electronic mail us at

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