Rod in Foam 14-Rod Rack Fishing Pole Holder – Best Rod Holders

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Rod in Foam is a high quality fishing rod holder, uniquely engineered to earn rid of lots of complications that accept as true with plagued various fishing rod mounts. At 24″ long, Rod in Foam holds up to 14 rods and reels, and is solid sufficient to abet the fishing pole without the need for a reel deal with stand! Plus, this wall plate would maybe moreover fair moreover be connected both by screws or removable adhesive strips. This makes it the first transportable fishing rod mount! Subsequent, Rod in Foam moreover eliminates rod hooks. These wood or plastic finger hooks tangle lines and location off rods to hit the bottom if they are unintentionally bumped. With Rod in Foam, simply dart the rod in a foam reduce and pull it out when it is time to head fishing. Also, Rod in Foam is water-proof, so that you might moreover spray your rods down without being concerned about your rod falling to the bottom. Rod in Foam has a few slits to permit lawful spacing between various sized reels. Final, this product turned into designed with a patent pending technology that offers durability unlike any various foam within the marketplace. Stammer your Rod in Foam this day, and let’s chase fishing!MORE RODS, LESS SPACE – Holds Up to 14 Rods & Reels in Optimal Condo (24″ long)
Solid, Gentle-weight, & Durable – No Handle Stand Wished
Will most doubtless be Frail Indoors & Outdoors – Waterproof, So You Can Spray Your Rods Down within the Rod in Foam
Supports Rods, Reels, and Even Lures
Made in The united states

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