RUNCL PowerMono Fishing Line, Monofilament Fishing Line – Final Strength, Shock Absorber, Hunch in Water, Knot Apt – Mono Fishing Line (Clear, 20LB(9.1kgs), 300yds)

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Final Strength: The PowerMono’s amazing energy permits it to withstand surprising, aggressive strikes and bring proper hooksets, gives amazing shock energy, abrasion resistance and knot energy for max castability
Hunch in Water: PowerMono fishing line is made out of less density for neutral buoyancy, which draw it sinks slowly and in actuality suspends in water, makes it an gigantic income when fishing topwater baits and buoyant treble zigzag lures
Shock Absorber: The PowerMono facets a sure stage of stretch, acts as an efficient shock absorber when a gigantic fish hits your line nice looking, prevents all of that stress from transferring to your knots and inflicting a failure on the road’s weakest level. The stretch of the mono helps attach hooks the do they luxuriate in to be when bass ‘throw’ the lures all the draw thru the battle, helps with the success of hook up
Knot Apt: PowerMono fishing line is extremely straightforward to tie, permits the knot seat lawful accurate to engage a ways off from knot breakage or slippage, and on the complete gracious to braid and fluoro in relation to knot energy. Very noteworthy for going after bigger fish that require bigger diameter traces
Low- & Excessive-Vis Alternatives: On hand in both low- and high-vis alternate suggestions to match any fishing situation it is most likely you’ll presumably well stumble upon. Clear and Low-Vis Inexperienced are always proper choices, and with Hi-Vis gold for nymphing or aging eyes

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