Sale – 24 Pack w/Free Jig Address Box 3mm 0.8g #16 Hook Tungsten Ice Fishing and Fly Fishing Jig Entice Bait

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Our Tungsten jigs reach in a diversity of sizes. Some tiny and some mountainous ample to bulk up with extra than one maggots, waxies, or plastics. Opt on any trophy fish collectively with, crappies, bull bluegill, jumbo perch, bass, walleye, pike and additional. The Toddle Plunge Jigs in most cases hang at a pair of 45-level angle, with a pivoting hook that finds the head of fish mouths on the hookset to make particular you take one after the quite quite loads of! Big sticky hooks and a alternate secret soldering mix to make advantageous your hooks preserve on the jigs and locked into your fish. These Tungsten jigs are also painted or anodized with advantageous paints and steel coatings as neatly as a sparkly decided coat on every jig. When relevant, glow at the hours of darkness paints are used as neatly as UV paints to position of living off strike after strike.FREE SHIPPING and FREE Jig Box with 24-pack of 0.8g weight 3mm size with #16 spacious tantalizing hooks and proprietary solder mix to lock within the hooks
Receive two EACH (24 total) of the colors you peek within the photos! What triggers a strike? For a walleye and panfish, again and again or no longer it is the exiguous flicker of sunshine caught by a baitfish’s observe or a particular UV reflection. For this reason we designed our tungsten jigs with the ideal quality paint and anodized exterior coating within the industrial at present time.
What is some of the ideal complaints for tiny tungsten jigs at present time? Paint blinded line tie eyes. Typically patrons will fracture the hook line tie due to the digging out excess paint. For this reason we be particular most of our jigs reach with out a blinded line tie eyelets.
Our Tungsten jigs are done with a hardened decided-coat. Embedded within the decided-coat are tiny specks of steel particles that give off extra sparkle, leading to extra sun pickup and strikes
Metallic covered OR UV Glow at the hours of darkness paints used on all tungsten jigs. ANY ISSUES please contact us first by the Amazon message device.

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