Saltwater & Freshwater Green Underwater Dock and Fish Attracting Light Equipment. Long 50′ Lamp Wire.

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Green Glow Dock Light used to be voted #1 Underwater Fishing Light by FishingPicks on-line journal. Every lamp is individually and meticulously handcrafted the utilization of a three step state of the artwork water sealing direction of. This quality workmanship creates a worthwhile product and ensures dependability in the harsh underwater setting. Our green underwater fish gentle bulbs are rated to last 4 to 5 years of nightly exhaust. All our underwater fish lights are supreme to salt water. Our bulbs are self-cleaning, that means barnacles will NOT develop on the bulb. Here’s no longer the case with LED or a lined bulb system. Our underwater fish lights will additionally work gargantuan in freshwater. Our underwater fish lights work in lakes and rivers, new or salt. They’ll appeal to the fish with out reference to the species. The Green Glow Dock Light Systems are very economical – adding simplest a number of greenbacks to your electrical bill a month. Our underwater dock gentle kits are neighbor qualified because the sunshine is targeted underwater, which permits extra purposeful lighting fixtures. Above water lighting fixtures attracts undesirable bugs, setting up an safe 22 situation with pests, but with our underwater dock lights, undesirable bugs don’t seem like an safe 22 situation. It appropriate form takes minutes to mount the box, space the bulb in the water, and disappear it in. Our underwater fish gentle kits comprise every little thing fundamental to luxuriate in your new gentle that identical evening. Our lustrous series of lamps are the popular underwater green fish gentle. Identical bulbs had been worn by most underwater gentle corporations for the previous 10 to 15 years. If you have considered a green underwater gentle in the water this abolish of bulb is possibly the sunshine you had been seeing. All our underwater dock lights are assembled right here in the united states by Green Glow Dock Light. We exhaust quality UL and UL Known Parts in our underwater gentle kits. Many of our opponents make no longer comprise a Safety G.F.C.I. disappear with their lights. Here’s a must-own shut to water. We ship all orders the identical or subsequent business day by UPS.Voted #1 Underwater Fishing Light by FishingPicks on-line journal. Light Up Your Boat Dock and Seawall With Our Green Underwater Dock & Fish Light
For saltwater right here’s better than any LED dock gentle system. This HID bulb will prevent barnacles from rising on the glass. No LED system can present this feature.
Arrives Total With Every thing Wished To Revel in The Identical Night. Installs In Minutes, Trail it In & Revel in.
Completely Automatic & Upkeep Free Self Cleansing Bulb Manufacture, Built In Photocell Turns The Light On/Off Nightly.Safety UL authorized GFCI Trail incorporated. 60 Day Risk Free Money Abet Guarantee.
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