Aventik CNC Machined Nail Knotter Tool, Easy Knot Tying Tool One of The Best Fishing Accessory with Nipper and Re…

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Aventik CNC Machined nail knotter tool is an excellent knot tying tool for any type fishing. Made from Marine Grade T6 aluminum with high precision CNC machining, this neat little tool is finished with the best Type II anodised coating for durability in Red, Black, Blue, and Gold colors. It will last a lifetime in both fresh or saltwater.
Aventik nail knotter tool combo including 1. CNC machined nail knotter tool. 2. Single head pulling reel re-tractor, 3. best sale silver color nipper.
Overall length is only 3.5 inches/ 8.75cm, it can be attached to a zinger or can be worn on a lanyard for quick access. With line groove and thumb detent to keep ends stable and in place when tying the knot. Easy and Reliable.