Japanese Glass Float 12″ Netted Aquamarine Authentic

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“Jewels of the Sea” Many millions of glass floats were hand-blown in Japan from the early 1900’s until about 1960. Often they were marked as they were made, Kanji symbols were used to indicate a town of origin, a business, or a boat. Some are still in gear sheds and net piles…an unknown number are floating somewhere in the ocean. Boats, heavy-laden with their catch of fish, were lightened by cutting the heavy glass balls off their nets and tossing them into the sea.
These beautiful works of art were sturdy laborers – attached to fishing nets, working in rough seas, banging together or against the boat, as the catch was hauled in each day. Most will have nicks around the seal button, some will have scratches or scuffs. If these beautiful jewels could talk, the stories they could tell, of faraway places, adventures at sea, passing ships in the night, exotic journeys over thousands of miles.