NIECOR Magnet Fishing Rope with Carabiner,8mm High Strength Cord Safety Rope 32ft,64ft,98ft Price: $12.99 (as of 25/10/2020 20:00 PST- Details)

Strict standards: Safety is always our first production factor. Skin slip rate≤ 0.05%,Weight limited 300kg ,Max tensile force:660 pounds
Unlike other cheap stitching ropes, the NIECOR 8mm climbing rope are made of 22 whole core rope.In contrast, 95% of our competitors use less than 13, which is much cheaper and of lower quality
Low ductility static rope can reduce the security risks caused by the extension of the rope.Lightweight but strong strength,medium soft, can be rolled up in a small part, easy to knot, very compact to carry it with you