PSE ARCHERY D3 Bowfishing Compound Bow Cajun Package- Up to 30″ Draw Range- Fish Stick Arrow- Reel w Line- Highly Adjustable- Made in USA- Right & Left Hand Price: $349.99 (as of 18/09/2020 15:28 PST- Details)

D3 BOWFISHING BOW SPECIFICATIONS – Brace Height: 6⁵⁄₈” Axle-to-Axle: 30” Mass Weight: 3.2 Lbs. Draw Length Range: Up To 30” Draw Weights (lbs.) 40. Limb Bolt Turns: 8. CAM: B3.
ENGINEERED FOR EVERY SKILL LEVEL – The bowfishing bow for everyone is finally here at an unbelievable price! The PSE D3 is the bow for every bowfishing shooter. Getting started, or shooting for advancement!
HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – This highly adjustable compound can handle up to a 30”draw length and peak weights of 29” and 40”. Designed for snap shooting!