watalure Luminous Vibrating Jerkbait LED Minnow Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Freshwater Saltwater Electric Lures USB…

Amazon.com Price: $14.99 (as of 20/09/2020 15:45 PST- Details)

🐟【Fishing Plugs】Uncharged mode: Nighthawk LED Vibrating Minnow has a 3D printed mimicking fish body, plus a variety of Rolling fishing methods to simulate the effect of extreme real fish.
🐟【Light Bait】Charged mode: The non-charged Nighthawk LED Vibrating Minnow simulates the effect of an extreme real fish, and the vibration of the LED lights and hum is added, causing a strong temptation to the big fish. When the working Night hawk is in the water, the monsters will immediately notice the Nighthawk Minnow.
🐟【Topwater Lures】Length:9.5+1.6cm, Weight:15.8g, Hook:4#, Steel ball:√,Material: ABS, Charging time:2 hours, Working time:3 hours.