SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler Silver Reel Winder Spool Address Winder spooling Characteristic Winding Arrangement Final Line (A-with Suction Cup)

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Overall Data:
Cloth: Aluminum& rubber
Height: 17cm/6.7in
Item weight: Approx.122g/4.3oz
Bar diameter: 0.25 trip. which spool hole diameter lower than 0.98 trip and more then 0.25 trip

Package Checklist:
1 * Fishing Line Spooler

Description and summary
1.Fully Adjustable,Line Tensioner Control,Adjustble Spool Width Control
2.Multi Rotate Spool Holder Avoids Line Twist
3.The Suction Cup at the underside could presumably adsorb on any at ease surface,【TIPS:Correct wet the underside first a chunk of for a decent retain】
4.Compact and lightweight-weight, that you simply would be in a position to always select away the installation
5.Metallic fabric, forming one
6.With fastening springs, adjustable clamping force dimension, regulate line tightness
7.The on-line uniform, efficient protection of the fishing line

Learn how to expend it?
①Simply stick the spooler negative to any at ease surface using suction cup
②Unlock the waft nut on the discontinuance and stable your fresh line in location
③Set the width, Alter the stress of the spring to regulate the rotation force

Line Spooler Adjustable for Varying Spool Sizes, fishing line spooler map fishing form out particular offer fishing rod instruments hook accessories, fishing line winder spooling purpose.√Cloth:Aluminum&rubber; Height: 17cm/6.7in; Item weight:Approx. 122g/4.3oz.
.√Compact and lightweight-weight, easy to pick out out away and install.
.√Multi-rotate alumnium spool holder, avoids line twist..√Spring-loaded tension ensures even spooling
.√The suction cup can mounts firmly to any flat, at ease surface.TIPS:Correct wet the underside first a chunk of for a decent retain
.√Fishing Line No longer Incorporated.Please trace: Counsel for the fishing line spool, which spool hole diameter lower than 0.98 in. In overall 1000 yards or minute spool.

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