Sougayilang Lead Ice Fishing Lure Kit with Carbon Steel Hooks in Variety out Field Pack of 27PCS

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This Jig is the must-bear jig on the ice this iciness. Its diamond-fashioned physique is weighted in the front, permitting the extremely-intriguing Jap hook fish at a 30 level attitude.
It facets a diamond nostril that picks up gentle refractions and attracts panfish

·Flash lures are belief to be one of doubtlessly the most well-most traditional jigging lures for ice fishing
·Huge motion from a little jig
·Optimized hook hole for sturdy hook sets
·Ultra-intriguing hook
·Exhibits up colossal on locators
·Safe-intriguing hook
·Deep water killer
Capability jigging sequences are restricted simplest by your imagination and your interpretation of how fish are reacting.

Form 1-12PCS(0.59in/0.038oz)
Hook: 10# fishing hooks
Package Dimension: Approx.
Package Weight: Approx.
Package Checklist:
12 * Ice Fishing Jigs(2 pcs per coloration)

Form 2-12PCS(0.71in/0.081oz)
Hook: 8# fishing hooks
Package Checklist: 12 * Ice Fishing Jigs(2 pcs per coloration)

Form 3-27PCS with Field
Slick Jig———–1.5/0.05————4pcs
Plunge Jig 2———1.7/0.06———–6pcs
Plunge Jig 1———2.1/0.07———–5pcs
Minnow Spoon—2.3/0.08———–4pcs
Minnow Spoon—7.3/0.26———–4pcs
Package Dimension: Approx.12.7*6.7*2.2cm/5*2.64*0.86in
Package Weight: Approx.116g/4.09oz
Package Checklist:
27 * Ice Fishing Lures
1 * Plastic Field

We Hold Picked Out Some of Our Original Favourite Jigs and Attach Them in a Kit,This Ice Fishing Jigs Situation entails 6 Different Forms of Ice Jigs,consist of Slick Jig, Plunge-fashioned Jig, Spoon and Minnow Spoon,27PCS Ice Lures in One Plastic Field.
Beautiful: Fishing Jig Head Choices Top class Precise Colours and Extremely Detailed Paint Finishes that Replicate Pure Colorization Direction of Conserving the Hook Sparkling and Beautiful to Each Freshwater and Saltwater Fish!
Strange Body Form is Safe for All Live Bait In conjunction with Minute, Minnows, Leaches and Worms! The Lifestyles-like Swimming Action is Efficient in Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing. Centered Fishes: Bluegills, Crappies, Panfish, Perch Sunfish, Walleyes and Pike, and loads others
The Robotically-sharpened Barbed Hook Level Ensures a Better Penetration and Increases the Hook-ups.
Fabricate Quality is Eminent. Your Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures will Take care of The Punishment of Many Onerous Battles.Retrieve Ways are Restricted Entirely By Your Imagination.

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