Spoon Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Walleye, 7/ 8 pcs Spoon Spinner Bait, Laborious Metal VIB Waddle Fishing Address

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Feathered Treble Hook
Every spoon fishing trap outfitted with a loyal intelligent barbed treble hook and coloured feathers that cowl the hook from exposing to fishes.

Spoil up Ring
The loyal split ring enhances pull and serves as an optionally available hook hanger as successfully.

Now now not compulsory Snap
Linked to the trap tip is a loyal snap to join line, swivel, further bait, and so forth.

5g: 3.6cm / 1.4in
10g: 4.6cm / 1.8in
15g: 5.4cm / 2.1in
20g: 6.1cm / 2.4in
28g: 6.7cm / 2.6in
35g: 7.1cm / 2.8in
43g: 7.6cm / 3in
50g: 7.9cm / 3.1in

Real Weight:
5g: 5.2g / 0.2oz
10g: 10.3g / 0.4oz
15g: 14.3g / 0.5oz
20g: 21.4g / 0.8oz
28g: 28.5g / 1oz
35g: 35.9g / 1.3oz
43g: 42.8g / 1.5oz
50g: 51.6g / 1.8oz

What’s in Catch
1 5g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 10g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 15g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 20g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 28g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 35g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 43g Spoon Fishing Lure
1 50g Spoon Fishing LureWhat You Catch: 8 PCS silver spoon fishing lures arrive in 8 different sizes (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 28g, 35g, 43g, 50g). Please allow 1-2g error between the size weight and trusty weight.
Silly Fishing Equipment: The stress-free invent of VIB spoon trap makes it a hilarious amusing gag reward to your favored ones and fishing associates. A friendly trap that no longer easiest catches tons of laughs but catches fish.
Laborious Metal Spoon Lure: Properly Crafted with quality metal field cloth, VIB spoon lures are very consuming, durable and anti-rust, possess no longer deform or bend at all.
Soft Mirror Physique: Waddle VIB fishing lures are in arc form, outfitted with a intelligent feathered treble hook maximizes reflection below light, in notify attraction.
Down Middle Gravity: VIB metal baits are designed with a down center that reduces air resistance for farther casting with trembling action to appeal to bass, walleye, salmon, pike, redfish, trout, crappie, stripe, and so forth.

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