Sunrise Angler 4 Trudge Bluegill Jointed Swimbait | Sinking Hard Bait Fishing Trap for Freshwater Game Fishing with Textured Realistic Skin, Curvy ‘S’ Swim and 3D Prismatic Eyes (Blue-S)

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Sunrise Angler Bluegill 4 jog Multi-Jointed Crankbait, Glidebait | 1 PACK

The Sunrise Angler Bluegill 4inch Multi-Jointed Crankbait has huge size, outstanding detail and a sensible action that those huge bass can not face up to. It functions an extremely practical profile with textured body and fins, which lets in the trap to swim aspect-to-aspect with a seductive “S” action that trophy-sized bass are making an are trying to hit. The gliding action also provides outrageous versatility! It would additionally be fished 365 days a yr and at any depth or retrieve speed to envision your fishing prerequisites.

The trap also functions extra sturdy split rings and impressively engaging treble hooks that don’t must be changed. This trap is able to fish straight out of the packaging. It boasts a highly detailed paint job, durable maintain and practical body. It’s miles foremost for any angler!

ONE LURE | FIVE SEGMENTS & SQUARE BILL – This trap is a square lipped swimbait with 5 joints and six sections. The jointed body lets in the trap to construct as a lot as take into accounta good natural “S” swimming action to entice the most necessary gamefish. The no longer easy body sections are connected the utilize of a durable & tense Dyneema cloth.
SINKING LURE – Cast it out and depend it down! As soon as the trap hits the water this can slowly open to sink. Depend it down to the depth that you just might want to trail it at and then slowly retrieve it. The trap will trail in the Strike Zone correct in entrance of that huge fish! Or which you may well additionally utilize this fishing trap treasure a jerkbait, crankbait or glidebait to construct up interplay that lurking bass.
PERFECT FEATURES – 3D holographic eyes, perfect Bluegill (or Panfish) textured body form and factual practical color maintain these lures irresistible to all freshwater gamefish species (Bass, pike, musky, catfish and loads various freshwater fish).
RATTLE – Constructed-in steel ball adds weight to the trap and lets in for longer casts. As soon as in the water and being retrieved, the trap emits the sound of bait fish feeding.
MUSTAD HOOKS – Spirited durable neatly-behaved high quality #6 treble hooks accumulate a protracted-lasting maintain and are perfectly sized for these lures.

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