Toasis Fishing Chew Indicator Rod Alert Bell Fear with Glow Sticks Pack of 20pcs – Best Fishing Rod Holders

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Toasis fishing rod twin bell alarm is a extremely precious and handy tool for anglers to fish at night. The candy jingle and colorful light can actually lend a hand anglers hear and watch when a fish is biting. Listing how improbable it’d be that you proper location up your rods alongside the bay and lay out a worthwhile blanket to snuggle on, most glorious to awaken to the candy jingle of the bells which is telling you: a fish is ready for a battle!
20 devices/pack
Each and every bell comes with a glow stick
Talk about to photos for additional data regarding the itemItem entails 20 alarm bells & 20 glow sticks
Easy to clip with rods
Work perfectly with all fashion of fishing rods
Candy jingle and colorful light enable you hear and watch when a fish is biting
Mountainous for night fishing

Price: $8.68

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