TROUTBOY Gloomy Warrior Fishing Rod – 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Ultra Light Portable Telescopic Fishing Pole with CNC Machined Reel Seat, Stainless Steel Guides, EVA Fore Grip

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Fishing Rod itsy-bitsy print:
1.24 ton carbon fiber and E-Glass building can deadlift as much as 10 kilos ;
2.CNC machined aluminum Reel Seats assemble the fishing rods continually brightness set off anti-seawater corrosion;
3.EVA Fore Grip for consolation;
4.Collapses for easy storage and lumber. Huge for backpackers and campers;
5.Seven dimension for you to favor from
5’10”/M Vitality– Weight:5.1oz- Stop L.: 18.8in -Trap W.7-9g- Line W.5-10lb
Adjustable Address /5’10”/M Vitality– Weight:5.5oz- Stop L.: 16.5in -Trap W.7-9g- Line W.5-10lb
6’10”/M Vitality– Weight:5.9oz- Stop L.: 18.8in -Trap W.7-14g- Line W.5-10lb
7’10”/MH Vitality– Weight:6.9oz- Stop L.: 19.2in -Trap W.7-21g- Line W.6-12lb
8’10”/MH Vitality– Weight:7.4oz- Stop L.: 20.4in -Trap W.7-21g- Line W.8-15lb
9’10”/MH Vitality– Weight:8.1oz- Stop L.: 20.8in -Trap W.7-21g- Line W.8-15lb
11’10”/MH Vitality– Weight: 10.9oz- Stop L.: 26.3in -Trap W.7-21g- Line W.8-15lb
Fishing Reel itsy-bitsy print:
– Computer optimized equipment set aside- IM-C6 Distinctive Main Body set aside- 13+1 Double Shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
– Rocket Line Administration Diagram- CNC Aluminum alloy address- Machined aluminum braid prepared spool- Tiresome Oscillation
– Non-trail consolation EVA knob- Plane grade aluminum main shaft- Free Spare Graphite Spool as Gift

Ball Bearings: 13+1BB, Hasten Vitality :5kg
ZM-2000 278g/9.8 oz.Equipment ratio: 5.0:1
Line potential(MM/M): 0.24/210 0.26/180 0.29/150 LBS/YDS: 12/230 16/200 20/160
ZM-3000 287g/10.1oz Equipment ratio: 5.0:1
Line potential(MM/M): 0.29/220 0.34/160 0.37/130 LBS/YDS 12/240 16/170 20/140
Ball Bearings: 13+1BB, Hasten Vitality :8kg
ZM-4000 403g/14.2oz Equipment ratio: 4.7:1
Line potential(MM/M): 0.34/220 0.37/180 0.40/160 LBS/YDS 16/240 20/200 22/170
ZM-5000 407g/14.4oz Equipment ratio: 4.7:1
Line potential(MM/M): 0.37/220 0.40/190 0.44/160 LBS/YDS 20/240 22/210 25/160
POWERFUL & SUPER LIGHT – TroutBoy Gloomy Warrior Telescoping Lunge back and forth Spinning Fishing Rods Are Fabricated from Excessive Density 24 Ton Carbon Fiber And E-Glass Composite for Huge Vitality. It’S Light Weight and Perfectly Balanced, Thus Less Fatigue.
SENSITIVE REFLECTION – The Distinctive Carbon Fiber Matrix Affords The Gloomy Warrior Fishing Rod Sensitivity Support Especially Huge in Bass Fishing or Other Forms Of Freshwater Fishing with Man made Lures. I am Certain Get This Fishing Pole and It Will Amplify Your Catches and Raise You Grand Stress-free.
EXQUISITE REEL SEAT & STAINLESS STEEL GUIDES – The Ravishing Reel Seat is Fabricated from Corrosion Resistant CNC Machined Aluminum for Years of Difficulty Free Fishing. Stainless Steel Guides with Ceramic Inserts for Utilize with Braided or Mono Fishing Line and Offering Saltwater Permitted Corrosion Resistant and Vitality Administration.
EASY TO CARRY – Ultralight Weight and Shrinkable Fabricate , Without quandary Fits In Automobile Trunk, Boat Hatch or Backpack. TroutBoy Gloomy Warrior Telescopic Rods Enable You to Lunge back and forth to Your Favorite Fishing Disclose and Get pleasure from Fishing On every occasion and Wherever You Desire.
WIDELY USED & GUARANTEED – Numerous Sizes and Lengths Available for Freshwater Bass Trout Fishing, Saltwater Surf Fishing Or Inshore Fishing. We Are Proud to Most modern You The Difficulty-Free 1 Year Warranty! Gift of Valentine’S Day. Ideal Gift for Boyfriend, Fiance, Husband.

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