TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Fishing Light Attractant 4.9″ Rechargeable LED Minnow Long Casting Tiresome Sinking Flashing Vibrating Jerking Twitching Lures Freshwater Saltwater Jerkbaits (TM010 (Inexperienced Light))

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Kind Fishing Less complicated
The JerkQueen is the most technologically developed fishing lure in
United States for the time being.The JerkQueen can replaces all of your other
sinking minnows lures with uncommon facets to pickle off the DNA-
programming in a fluctuate of game fish that signaled them to strike.

Procure Extra Mountainous Fishes
Designed to be versatile, lengthy casting, designed for instantaneous and ripping
vogue retrieve or deep sea fishing in deeper columns, the JerkQueen
flashes, vibrates, buzzes, and twitches to be the closest thing to that
ideal live bait that is irresistible to predators.

Anytime and Total Water Layers
In disagreement to other imitations in the marketplace, the JerkQueen utilizes anticreep
proprietary skills to be completely water sealed. So that you simply may maybe also hook fish
at some stage in the day, at nighttime, in streams, in lakes, deep in the water column
all day ! Rate it with a USB charger in minutes for corpulent day of employ!

Kind: Tiresome Sinking
Length: 4.9″ /125mm
Weight: 26g /0.91oz
Depth:1-5m complete water layers
Hook Size: #6 mustad treble hooks
Utility: Charged and uncharged ,Rookie and Educated
Day and night fishing. Circulate and surf fishing. Ground casting
trolling, deep sea fishing, lake fishing, shore fishing

Please charging forward of utilizing the fishing lures
Clean and air dry the lures after every employ
When they have been halved out of the water,
after the lure is dry, the lure’s buzzed and
gentle functions are off .Charged model and uncharged model to your need. As smartly as to all incredible performance of normal lures, this patented flashing and buzzing lures are designed to focal point on a fish’s organic programming to strike, no subject if they are hungry or now not. Less complicated to plan cessation astronomical fish and can with out danger attract fish in 7-fold wide-fluctuate of water columns with illuminated and vibrating make. So that you simply may maybe also plan cessation extra fish .Also the Crystal colour can DIY what colour you in deciding to have .
Equipped with Mustad treble hooks to provide maximum hooking potential which makes it a sturdy fishing instrument. 3D painted effective lure is sure to provide wonderful performance . When they have been halved out of the water, after the lure is dry, the lure’s buzzed and gentle functions are off .
Waft make:stopping at any appointed water layers you in deciding to have.Integrated twin-tungsten steel ball central gravity transfer system for optimized casting fluctuate.Honest for both Freshwater and Saltwater,day and night .
After charging for 2.5 hours, it’ll work intelligently for added than 12 hours. Anticreep proprietary skills protects charging unit and battery from saltwater exposure and corrosion.
Deal for focusing on largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, musky, walleye, pike, northern pike, redfish, speckled trout.

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