UBOWAY Inaugurate air Lamp Telescopic Fishing Rod Lamp with IR Faraway for Tenting, Fishing, Travelling, Party 12V (Long-established)

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Lamp dimension: 4.3*2.8 scuttle
Rod length: 147.6 scuttle
Rod enviornment fabric: Carbon fiber
Weight: 1.05 kg
Power: 48 W
Voltage: 12 V
Brightness: 2000 lumen
Life Time: 30000 hour

Lamp dimension: 8.7*4.7 scuttle
Rod length: 157.5 scuttle
Rod enviornment fabric: Stainless-steel
Weight: 2.6 kg
Power: 110 W*2
Voltage: 12 V
Brightness: 8000 lumen*2
Life Time: 30000 hour

Kit say
1 x Lamp
1 x Controller
1 x Telescopic Rod
1 x Wire with two clips
1 x Wire with cigarette lighter connector
1 x Lengthy connecting wire
1 x Screw
1 x Nut
1 x Fixator
1 x Storage come by

1 x Automobile output line
1 x Battery clip output line
1 x Faraway management
1 x Steel pipe
1 x Bracket
1 x Fixator
1 x Butterfly screw suite
1 x Carrying come by
2 x Lamp plates
1 x User handbook

Installation steps
1.Tell screw and nut to repair the lamp panel, then utilize the lengthy connecting wire to connect the lamp panel and clips/ cigarette lighter wire.
2.Insert the fixator into the ground, then insert the telescopic rod into the fixator and adjust the rod’s top as you wish.
3.Tell the clips/ cigarette lighter wire (the wire you to determine at step 1) to connect the auto battery or any 12V battery, then bag the controller’s plastic sheet and press down the crimson button. The lamp will operate usually.★QUALITY – Fabricated from top-grade carbon fiber and LED provides. This product is last durable and fetch.
★ADVANCED DESIGH – The retractable rod is designed to meet your diverse quiz. It is seemingly you’ll maybe presumably also create your optimal illumination carry out without scream. This lamp is absolute most realistic for camping, fishing, travelling, gather collectively and so forth.
★CHARGE – No battery incorporated. It is seemingly you’ll maybe presumably also connect the lamp to automobile battery or any 12V battery for charging.
★MULIT MODE – This lamp has three mode of 25%, 50% and 100% brightness. It is seemingly you’ll maybe presumably also adjust the lamp’s brightness as you wish thru the IR distant controller.
★EASY TO CARRY & STORE – Comes with a storage come by. It is seemingly you’ll maybe presumably also build the total accessories into the come by without scream, so it is convenient for you to carry them for start air actions or retailer them in your situation.

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