Wealers 16 Fishing Rod Holder Storage Rack Fishing Pole Stand Storage Organizer Space Saver, Designed to Holds Any Form Rod Mountain hiking Sticks Will Hang It Standard (Dark) – Best Rod Holders

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Wealers compact rod organizer rack affords an cheap resolution to storing all of your sporting rods and poles. It affords
woodsmen, fishermen and inaugurate air males an very impartial appropriate, easy to make spend of storage container that will moreover moreover be characteristic up with regards to wherever.

UNIVERSAL STORAGE: Offers an efficient storage unit for Boat, RV, Storage, Pool affirm and more.

PROFESSIONALGRADE: Stores and protects your costly fishing rods and equipment from atomize.

ULTRA STURDY: The fishing rod stand affords a steady organizer to retailer your sporting rods.

SPACE SAVER | ORGANIZATION: The compact holder affords necessary foot affirm in tight spaces.

EASY ACCESS: Secures all of your rods in a extremely considered discipline for easy retrieval of your equipment.

ALL PURPOSE RACK: Holds pool cue sticks, ski poles, croquet poles, golf golf equipment, fishing rods and more.

DOUBLE SIDED STORAGE: The rod holder very simply holds eight rods on all aspects of the unit.

LIGHTWEIGHT | PORTABILITY: The stand is discreet to maneuver and sets up in with regards to any discipline.

MOLD RETARDANT: Discipline cloth washes away without negate and resists gross mildew and mildew buildup.

ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: L17.5″ in x W12.5″ in x H31.5″ in

INCLUDES: 1 Collapsible Fishing Rod StandMULTIPURPOSE: The organizer rack affords storage on all aspects, and holds as much as pick 16 rods or poles concurrently. It secures and protects your pool cue sticks, fishing nets, ski poles, croquet poles, golf golf equipment, fishing rods and more.
ANTI-WEAR: Weatherproof frame is made with fantastic plastic and designed exclusively to endure the parts. Ultimate for storage and pool storage, parts are rot and corrosion resistant and the stand retains its beauty over the time.
SPACE SAVER | ORGANIZATION: Designed with a sturdy pass, it holds all of your poles and reels in one helpful, easy to attain and extremely considered situation, that will give you simplified, danger free storage.
EASY MAINTENACE: The products non-abrasive surface cleans without negate with tender soap and water, and the stand has a high resistance to mildew and mildew. Assembled dimensions: 44cm x 25cm x 80cm and contains instruction e-book.
STURDY BASE | SOLID DESIGN: Aspects an additional steady pass that holds your equipment honest and neatly organized. Constructed with durable parts that give you a top of the vary product with a wholesome lifespan.

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