XFISHMAN Crawfish Baits Creature Trap Bass Fishing Trap Bundle 30 pcs Crawdad Limited Plastic Baits 2 Colossal Pinchers 3-4in

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  • Whether you utilize it as a jig trailer for pitching and flipping, Texas rig it, or throw it on a Carolina Rig, XFISHMAN’ s contemporary Intellectual Craw is a must-trust!
  •  The uncommon mark enables it to plod by cloak whereas the claws and tentacles flutter seductively with the slightest circulate or contemporary whereas on the the same time the appendages and in particular body mark decelerate its tumble and retain it in the strike zone longer.
  • 30 Pieces Intellectual Craw baits in a rugged,re-usable Plano utility box,
  • The XFISHMAN’s Intellectual Craw is the well-known all by creature bait.

BASS CAN’T RESIST.–The XFISHMAN Intellectual Craw has a wide silhouette, wildly flapping claws, and is constructed out of sturdy plastic designed to preserve even the stoutest hooks. It goes to be flipped, pitched, threaded on a jig head, and even labored weightless on the surface as a toad form bait. Despite the come you utilize it, the appendages will mark definite to arrangement strikes from aggressive bass.
BANG FISH ATTRACTANT –This Intellectual Craw is furthermore enhanced with BANG Fish Attractant. Offering highly concentrated, pure oils rendered from reside bait, BANG Fish Attractant draws fish in and causes them to preserve on longer for more definite hooksets.
LIFE-LIKE ACTION–Incredible life-esteem action is the trademark of this Intellectual craw bait. Fish it as a trailer or rig on a unsightly jig head. The XFISHMAN Intellectual Craw has most tremendous ample heft for ease of fishing and fits properly to a wide diversity of jig sizes. Claws rise in protection at leisure, with a quiet kicking action on the retrieve.
PROVEN COLORS: A complete lot of examined and confirmed colors allow you to compare the hatch on any body of water, well-known for any fishing conditions that wants an enhanced action
EASY TO USE–5 colors 30 Pieces Intellectual Craw baits in a rugged, re-usable Plano utility box,give them to substantiate out for your next day day depart; you may be contented you did.

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