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The striped bass is generally understood to as the “striper.” Like largemouth bass fishing, striped bass fishing has gotten end up being one of the most popular sports and leisured activities in North America. In some places like Cape Code, it is one of the most well-known types of angling throughout the season. Both kids and adults can get involved in striped bass fishing

Although bass can be found in several areas throughout the North American continent, the striped bass often lives on the Eastern Coast, ranging from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Southern Georgia.

Part of the reasons striped bass fishing is more popular in Northeastern states and Mid-Atlantic states, aside from Southeastern states, is since the best spawning temperature is someplace in the mid-range for striped bass. Usually, the striped bass will generate when the water is between 59 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets hotter than that, the quality of the eggs can be impacted by the greater water temperature levels. This suggests that the striper need to travel to much deeper and cooler waters when the temperature level of the water begins to increase.


In the Springtime, striped bass fishingis is ending up being a lot more popular in the Northeastern United States, as striper travels up the Eastern Seaboard to spawn to waters of maximum temperature. Typically, the female will lead and numerous males will follow – the purpose, naturally, is to generate additional North and down the coastline.

In the Fall, once again, as water temperatures cool off, striper re-emerge from cooler, much deeper water to be noticeable on the Eastern Coast, which implies that striped bass fishing as soon as again ends up being very popular.


No matter where you live or what season of the year it happens to be, striped bass fishing is almost ensured to be an intriguing endeavor, as striper is among the largest variations of bass – and is known for setting up an intense battle versus anglers. All the best with your Bass fishing.

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