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This article is meant for those who are looking for a great place to store all their fishing poles. If you cannot afford but a ceiling mounted fishing rod holder, you can make one. Sometimes, finding a good rod holder can be hard and costly at the same time. Making your own ceiling mounted fishing rod holder will cost you around $25, so you will save a lot of cash in the long run.

What you’ll need:

• 2 pieces of 42″ by 4 inches’ wood
• A 2 inch fostner bit
• Clear coat spray paint
• sander
• small L-bracket
• Power Drill
• Jig saw with plastic blade, curved, wood,
• C clamps to hold down wood


• Determine the dimensions you want to create. Now draw a small dot 4 inches from the edge, measure and mark a dot after every 6 inch, and mark the center of each 3 inch cut.
• Use a sharpie to mark 1 one of the wood pieces to mark the center of each hole.
• Once you mark the wood, clamp them together.
• Take the clamped pieces of wood and cut holes through them
• Once you are done with all the circles, mark the lines you want to cut. Cut only one wood piece and not all of them
• Cut out the lines with your jig saw
• Also, cut the edges in circular shape on the sides of both racks. But it is purely optional
• Once you cut all the lines, you can go ahead and use the sander to smooth all the sides of the wood to remove the stain.
• After sanding and painting, fit the L-brackets on the sides of the racks along with the straight edges
• Now, mount your rod holder on any place you want.

That is how to make a simple home-made ceiling mount fishing rod holder

Clamp on fishing rod holders
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