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The tomcat tandem inflatable kayaks are usually about half the expense of a similar sized rigid design. The extra cost savings of not needing to also acquire a roof rack or trailer has influenced numerous fishermen to become kayak anglers when rate is their main factor to consider. With a long list of pros, that outweigh the few cons, it is easy to see why the inflatable kayak is rapidly ending up being the next huge thing in kayak fishing.

How to choose a tomcat tandem inflatable kayak?

Kayaks are really steady, however with inflatable kayaks it can be much easier to return in if you fall out. You merely get the cockpit of the kayak and pull yourself up like you’re leaving a swimming pool. This makes an tomcat tandem inflatable kayak extremely hassle-free for snorkeling or swimming. Before getting back in, it is simple to dispose out any water that gets aboard. Some inflatable boats are even self bailing.



To seal the offer rising appeal of the inflatable kayak, there is a long list of extra pros. Their lightweight not just makes taking them along on a hike a certain plus, but also makes a nice distinction in getting the kayak out of your lorry and to the shoreline even when you are able to drive right as much as the launch. Typically, an tomcat tandem inflatable kayak will weigh about half that of a comparable sized stiff kayak. Even many tandem inflatable kayaks weight less than single rigid kayaks. There is no requirement for a trailer or roof rack, given that they easily will fit into the trunk of even a compact cars and truck, or into the rear seats. This ability to fit into a little area adds another huge advantage, storage of your kayak in the off season.

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