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If you have been having issues carrying your fishing rods to your fishing spit when traveling, you don’t have to stress any more. You can now install roof racks in your car. The market is filled with numerous roof rack fishing rod holders brands in the market.

Here is our pick for the best roof rack fishing rod holders:

Rhino-Rack 574 Roof Mount

The fishing rod holders gives you’re an excellent solution to help you carry your fishing rod wherever you may go. The holder comes with a universal mount system, so you can fit it on the roof rack of your car. With these holder, you can confident that the interior of your car will remain dry by carrying other stuff on top of your car once you are done with fishing.


Thule Universal Pull Top Snowsport Carrier

If you want to carry more fishing rods snowboards and skis whenever you are going for a fishing trip, then consider the Thule Universal Pull Top rod holder. The fishing rod holder is 30 inch wide. Therefore, the holder is big enough to accommodate a lot of fishing rods, up to four snowboards, and six pairs of skis. Additionally, it is easy and simple to carry your gears. You can open and close the holder even when you are wearing your gloves. You only need to open it, put your things inside and close it

Rhino-Rack Multi-Purpose Holder

If you have a small budget and you really want to buy a fishing rod holder, you can get yourself the Rhino-Rack Multi-purpose rod holder. The holders are currently retailing at 50 dollars which is quite affordable considering its quality and function. Also, you can carry a shovel, ski poles and a pair of ski in the holder.

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