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Fishing on a standup paddle board might not be the first thing that most people think of when they see a board, but people have actually been using their boards to catch fish for almost as long as they have been surfing. As the paddle board evolved, so too did paddle board fishing, eventually blooming into the industry that it is today. And it isn’t as hard as you might think, either.


One of the biggest advantages to using a stand up paddle board for fishing is the fact that you can get it into places that most people would never dare take a boat. Shallow waters, sandbars, or even coves are all fair game when using a standup board, and some people enjoy the extra rush it lends to the at times slow sport of fishing. The fight of the catch, paired with the struggle of maintaining balance on your board can make for an unforgettable experience that one will be talking about for years to come.

One of the best ways that people have found to make use of their boards to catch fish is on slow moving rivers for fly-fishing. As enthusiasts proudly boast, the board not only allows you to access deeper waters that might be harder to stand in, but they also provide for a point of elevation that one might not be able to achieve from in the water, or even in a kayak or canoe. And they provide for a cleaner casting platform that a kayak or canoe too, as there is nothing in the way that could possible get in the way of your line.


For those who are in the market for a stand up paddle board for fishing, there are also a wide variety of products made for just this very purpose. Like specialized fishing yachts, a well outfitted board can hold multiple rods, a place to store your gear, and even a compartment to stow your catch while you continue on with your day at sea, and most even have an anchor to allow you to remain in place at your preferred spot. There are even a few catamaran boards that are hitting the market now, to provide for an even more stable base and a new kind of experience that all fishermen should try out at least once in their lifetimes.


Stand up paddle boarding provides for a truly unique fishing experience that is unlike any other out there. All fishermen, but especially those who enjoy adventure and a more extreme sport, should try a cast from on top of a board at least once in their lives. Whether you are a freshwater or saltwater fisherman, fly fisher or shark hunter, stand up paddle boarding can more than suit your needs and is absolutely worth a try!

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