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Trout dough shaper – simply to the perfect shape

Spirolinos Mondays start with trout batter even in winter.

Especially in the cold season it is often not that easy to shape the trout dough correctly with clammy fingers. But without the right shape, the dough will not turn properly and the trout will spurn it. But there is a remedy for this, with trout dough makers you always get the same shape very quickly. See how in this photo tutorial. Almost all formers work very similarly, which is why the instructions are also transferrable.

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Step 1: All we need is of course the trout batter and a can of trout batter

Step 2: We form a small ball and press our hook in the middle.

Your fingers get some dough off after all.

Step 3: We place the ball with the hook in the middle of the shape, the leader looks out at the pointed end of the shape. Then the form is folded up and you press it together with a little pressure.

Step 4: Done, now it can go to the water and Petri!

Trout still bite when it’s really cold!

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