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Kastking Kodiak spinning reel in the test: high end for less than 100 €?

Kastking Kodiak spinning reel on neoprene bag by the water
My role new out of the box. Only the 4000 and 5000 roll sizes have the large crank knob.

After the Kastking Sharky had accompanied me for a while and I am very satisfied with the role, I discovered the somewhat newer Kastking Kodiak and ordered it straight away. My expectations were high as to what the role, which is also suitable for salt water, can do. For the price, I expect a lot of role for the money. According to the manufacturer, the role is as a robust workhorse and for the Salt water use, as well as made for large fish. The specified braking force of my 5000 roll is a good 18 kg. That is a lot and no fish that can be caught in Germany should still be able to really take line from the reel. Well, maybe someday the tuna, which have recently been sighted and caught again in the North Sea. But they haven’t reached German waters yet …

First impression

Neoprene roller bag
The roll comes out of the box in a neoprene bag

The roll comes out of the box in a neoprene roll bag. Very nice, because that is usually more likely for rolls over 300 €. The crank is then in a small extra pocket in the two-part neoprene pocket.

Personally, I think the design is really beautiful. The scroll is in brown, silver and gold. The roll cranks out of the box very easily. For a role that is also for the rough and suitable for salt water is even very nice. The infinite backstop works perfectly with the roller and there is no backlash in any crank position. The brake button is big and can really be turned so far that I can no longer turn the spool directly.

Next I wound the roll with 0.18 mm braided and lo and behold: that Wrap pattern is very nice, even thinner braided ones shouldn’t be a problem here. Washers to change the winding pattern were still included with my roll.

I only missed a spare spool, but unfortunately you miss it on every reel. I can actually do without plastic replacement spools, which are included.

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Practical test

To cut a long story short: the role did well in the practical test. The role was included in the Philippines, but was only rarely used there and I only caught a few smaller catfish on it. The brake runs super smoothly even if the reel has been lying around unused for a few months. The reel was also comfortable to fish in German waters and the large EVA handle sits comfortably in the hand. Jerken With 100 grams of bait, my 5000 spinning reel did just as well as it did Speed ​​Jiggen in the Mediterranean or normal fishing with wobblers or spoons. The slightly upscale translation also makes the hours of spin fishing pleasant. It looks very robust and is not just a plastic roll, which is also reflected in the weight. But this also makes them interesting for longer rods or for heavy rods.

To complain there are still two things. The thick and sturdy bail arm jumps with difficulty in a crank position (quite typical for most reels). I also don’t think the plastic brake button is that great, but these have also become standard in the meantime.


  • 18kg braking force in every wheel size
  • Aluminumspule
  • Reel body made of metal – plastic composite
  • CNC aluminum crank
  • Extra thick axle
  • 10 + 1 sealed ball bearings
  • Gear made of brass and stainless steel

The roll sizes in comparison

A Daiwa Lexa size 3000 weighs 315g for comparison. The ultra-light Stradic Ci 4+ weighs 190g. Personally, a reel that is too light is of no use to me, as I like to fish 2.7-3 m rods and these quickly become top-heavy. A role that is not so lightweight is just right for me.


Kastking Kodiak in a practical test
Also cut a good figure for me on the water.

Again unrivaled good for the price. I can recommend the role and would buy it again. The reel is certainly not absolutely high end, but it can easily keep up with some 150 € spinning reels. I’ve been fishing the reel for almost a year now and I don’t want to miss it anymore! Ideal for fishing for pike and other larger predators. The smaller bigger ones should also be great for chasing perch, trout and other predatory fish. Therefore my conclusion: a lot of role for the money.

Update: Apparently there are manufacturing tolerances every now and then with this role and if in doubt there is a buyer protection for one or the other Monday model. Still, that’s annoying, which is why I have corrected the rating of the role downwards. If the line lay doesn’t fit, you can either remove the white washers under the spool or add more. There are some included in the pack.

Do you have any questions about the role or the test? Just drop me a comment.

Kastking Kodiak Spinnrolle

Kastking Kodiak spinning reel on neoprene bag by the water


  • Smooth run
  • Cheap
  • 18 kg braking force
Neopren Rollentasche
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