18 Piece Tungsten Ice Fishing Glow Jig Kit with Kind out Box

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Bored with shedding dear jigs? Having a laborious time maintaining your jigs organized? We as fishermen were too. And that is clarification why we developed this equipment with our most in vogue assortment of glow-in-the-murky jigs. Packed into this sturdy jig box are our Handiest-Promoting Teardrop Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs. Exhaust from our 18, 27, 36, or 45 non-public computer residing. On this 18non-public computer equipment Colours consist of medium (4mm), substantial (5mm), and jumbo (7mm) sizes. Image shows the particular colors you will receive in every respective equipment. Heart of the evening Clown ( wonderbread ), Pure Tiger, Firetiger, Chartreuse Dark, Silver Attach, Gold, Yellow Orange, Orange Stripe, Crimson Woman, Hot Purple Chartreuse, Green Chartruse are a few of the patterns incorporated in our 45non-public computer equipment.Handiest Fishing Jigs for Bluegill, Crappie, Perch, and any Sunfish. Establish more fish on the ice and variety doubtlessly the most of your time on the water! Tungsten is a confirmed winner that the legitimate’s agree with been utilizing to land sunnies for years in tournaments for the length of the nation.
Customized Painted with High Quality Shiny UV Glow Paint. Exhibits brightly below the water. Fish eyes retract up the U.V. Gentle emitting from the jig and attracts them savor the upper of reside bait!
Ultra Sturdy and Appealing Hooks with Eyelets certain of Paint
Tungsten is a Lead Free Entice that drops rapid and keeps your line tighter, allowing you to feel those light bites.
Attach entails Kind out Box that comprises certain lid so it’s essential to maybe well maybe with out peril value the jig heads. Foam slots withhold the jigs securely in region and enable for simple elimination and storage. Awesome blueprint to withhold take care of organized!

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